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Skellig – a review.


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  1.   17abbym on March 17th, 2017          Reply

    In this book the main character is a boy called Michael. Michael has just moved into a new house and has a huge surprise when he finds a crippled living being in his new but crumbling ‘garage’. He doesn’t want to tell anyone about this mysterious man except from the girl across the road called Mina. Together they help the creature get stronger and stronger, but there is something constantly on Michael’s mind. His baby sister. When she goes into hospital to have a possible life or death operation on her heart Michael thinks his whole world has collapsed. The mysterious creature who he has learnt to love and care for is going away, he is sure his baby sister is dead and on top of all that he has school friends and school work to worry about.

    I really like this book because it is really tantalizing to find out what happens next. My favourite character is Michael because he is very brave and intelligent. My favourite part was when they found Skellig in the garage and they had to help him. I would rate this 9/10 because it is sometimes hard to read when it is quite sad for me, but, if the aad parts changed quite a bit then definitely 10/10

  2.   kaydancee on March 17th, 2017          Reply

    The book Skellig is a interesting book about a boy called Michel.He has just moved into a house that a old man died in.His mum and dad are having trouble looking after there baby that is very ill and she might die.Michel went to look around the house and he fount a garage so he decides to look around in it and he regrets.He saw a old dead-like creature in the corner of the garage.He runs out because he heard his mum shouting him.He finds a girl in a tree so he went to go see her.Her name is Mina and she loves to read and draw.Michel wanted to tell mina about Skellig but he decided to keep it a secrete but he still made friends with her.The next day Michel went to Sellig and asked nervously if he wants anything all that he said was i want a aspirin but Michel didn’t have any.A man called doctor death came to see the baby and check if she is ok .Mina is at her house making clay models when Michel decides to tell her about Skellig and who and were he is .Mina was shocked and went to see him however the baby is still ill.Mina finally decides to take him to her granddad use to live and keep him there.Skellig gets up stairs and finds some aspirin and takes it when his black crooked wings pop out of his back .Skellig gets seen by a docter and he gets free into the wilderness when the baby survives and they name her Joy.

    I like this book because skellig is a mysterious character and they decide to name her Joy at the end.I like how Michel is a brave character and makes friends with a old creature and a extraordinary character called Mina.I would give this book a 4 out of 5 because some bits doesn’t make sense and some of it i dont like because of the words.


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